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John McLeod. After the Suicide. Kari Dyregrov.

Blessings from Ethiopia. Carl Facciponte. An Examination of Child Protection in Texas. John Paul Scott. Confronting Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse. Cynthia D. Coaching Psychology in Schools. Mark Adams. William Stewart. Rational Emotive Behavioural Counselling in Action. Windy Dryden. Innovative Therapeutic Life Story Work. Richard Rose. Contact and Context.

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Ty Francis. Developing Transactional Analysis Counselling. Dr Ian Stewart.

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The Bilingual Counselor's Guide to Spanish. Hunches, Challenges, and the Use of Paradox 8. Ethical and Cultural Issues Dealing With Crisis Working With a Reluctant Client A Student's Guide to Therapeutic Counselling.

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Indigenous mental health: Canadian Native counsellors' narratives by Suzanne L. Stewart Call Number: electronic thesis. Martin Editor ; Fanny M. Cheung Editor ; Michael C. Gerstein; P.

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Paul Heppner; Kathryn L. Norsworthy Call Number: ebook.

Counseling Theories and Skills in Practice: CBT

Psychopathology by James E. Maddux Editor ; Barbara A. Erford Call Number: BF Kirby Contribution by ; Joseph L. Fleming Contribution by ; Lisa Y. Flores Contribution by ; G. Grandbois Contribution by ; Sheila J. Toporek; Nadya A. Fouad; Lawrence H.