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Nate Saint. Hudson Taylor. Barbrooke Grubb. Joy Ridderhof. Amy Carmichael.

William Tyndale. Festo Kivengere. Harriet Tubman.

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Mary McCloud Bethune. Elizabeth Fry. Adoniram Judson. Menno Simons. Florence Nightingale. Frederick Douglass.

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William Penn. Maude Cary. Mary Slessor. John Wesley. Spokane Garry.

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Rangoon, Burma. Many of these books can be checked out through our public library's Marina system. The Trailblazer Series are books which feature fictional characters interacting with historic Christian leaders or missionaries. The books are written for ages All the books are written by Dave and Neta Jackson. The Christian Heroes series are stories of prominent missionaries and church leaders. They are written from the standpoint of the central character in novel form.

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The books are for ages 10 to adult. All books are written by Janet and Geoff Benge. The Sugar Creek Gang Series centers on a group of boys living in the s.