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Budge was also interested in the paranormal , and believed in spirits and hauntings. Budge had a number of friends in the Ghost Club British Library, Manuscript Collections, Ghost Club Archives , a group in London committed to the study of alternative religions and the spirit world. He told his many friends stories of hauntings and other uncanny experiences.

Many people in his day who were involved with the occult and spiritualism after losing their faith in Christianity were dedicated to Budge's works, particularly his translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

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Such writers as the poet William Butler Yeats and James Joyce studied and were influenced by this work of ancient religion. Budge's works on Egyptian religion have remained consistently in print since they entered the public domain. Budge was a member of the literary and open-minded Savile Club in London, proposed by his friend H. Rider Haggard in , and accepted in He was a much sought-after dinner guest in London, his humorous stories and anecdotes being famous in his circle. He enjoyed the company of the well-born, many of whom he met when they brought to the British Museum the scarabs and statuettes they had purchased while on holiday in Egypt.

Budge never lacked for an invitation to a country house in the summer or to a fashionable townhouse during the London season. Though Budge's books remain widely available, since his day both translation and dating accuracy have improved, leading to significant revisions. The common writing style of his era—a lack of clear distinction between opinion and incontrovertible fact—is no longer acceptable in scholarly works.

He retired from the British Museum in , and lived until He continued to write and published several books; his last work was From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt In his will, in remembrance of his wife, Budge established and endowed the Lady Wallis Budge Junior Research Fellowships and graduate scholarships at Cambridge and Oxford universities. These continue to support young Egyptologists at the beginning of their research careers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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