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I am having the same issues. The add-on has been working fine for me and I have not had any of the issues outlined by other users. One gripe though. The add-on does not appear in the Compose window as I guess the compose actions feature of the add-on has not been developed. This means that you have to send your email first, then find it in Sent mail and then you can file it in Clio.

Adding the Compose Actions feature to it would make this a more useful add-on. Good luck getting the interface to work.

RENAULT CLIO 5 (2019) Safest Small Car? CRASH TEST

One day works next day does not. Disappears from the google bar.

We find out how the new Renault Clio stacks up on British roads

If you can get it to be consistent - good luck to you. It arranges them by date, sender, etc. You don't get the reminder to bill for that email but it works, its fast and very reliable. Hello my dear friend my name is Gavin Smith,i am from Atlanta,Georgia, nice to meet you.


A moving love story by Renault celebrates '30 years in the making' of its popular Clio

This wasn't available as an add-on in my g-mail. Is it a different program? Hi there! Our Product Managers would love to set up a time with you to learn more about how your recommendations, and see how we can improve this add-on.

This is a huge downgrade from the Chrome add-on, which was lightweight and easy to use. It is overall a frustrating experience that hurts productivity, rather than enhancing it. I'm severely disappointed. I don't see anything on my right hand screen and I am annoyed that this is wasting my time. Hi there—Clio's support team will be happy to investigate the issues you're experiencing, and help get them resolved! Please click "Support" under "Additional Information" at the bottom of this page, and you'll be guided to our contact information.

City of Clio, Michigan

Why fix something that doesn't need fixing. I absolutely hate this new gmail add-on. Want to see it in action first? Schedule a Demo. Streamline day-to-day processes, and keep cases organized so you can focus on billable work and grow your revenue. Keep track of financials and client accounts with easy-to-use reports and dashboards. Make billing easy with online payments, automated billing, and customized plans.

Create easy-to-use client intake forms, automate client communication—such as emails, reminders, and requests—and organize referrals to seize every opportunity. Visit Clio's App Directory, our growing portfolio of integrations, to instantly connect, expand, and sync your tools. Clio is the undisputed leader in legal technology with over 5-star reviews on Capterra.

All-New Renault Clio

Learn why. Put your people and practice first, and let Clio do the rest. Focus on what you do best, and let Clio do the rest.

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