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Curiously, in this instance, he appears to be having some success. The media are taking his arguments seriously. His book, The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein, is not out in the US till next month, but already the chattering classes are chattering about it. The logic goes something like this: Frankenstein is a masterpiece; masterpieces are not written by self-educated girls and therefore Frankenstein cannot have been written by Mary Shelley.

If Frankenstein is not a masterpiece, the thesis collapses. Though millions of people educated in the US have been made to study and write essays about Frankenstein, it is not a good, let alone a great novel and hardly merits the attention it has been given, notwithstanding the historic fact that its theme has inspired more than 50 mostly bad films.

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Literature courses in the US are oddly skewed towards novels because few undergraduates are required to read any poetry. If Lauritsen had read a sufficient quantity of poetry, he would know better than to state that the monster's famous statement that he will "glut the maw of death" by killing all those whom Frankenstein loves, is pure Shelley, because it is, of course, pure Milton Paradise Lost, Book In when Frankenstein was first published anonymously, with a preface by Percy Bysshe Shelley, most reviewers assumed he had written it himself, except for those who suspected that it was written by someone even less experienced than he, perhaps the daughter of a famous novelist, as Mary Shelley was.

Marks of inexperience can be found on every page. There are three narrators: Thomas Walton, Victor Frankenstein and the monster himself. The three of them, including the inarticulate monster, speak in paragraphs, with the same tendency to proliferating parallel clauses and phrases and the occasional theatrical ejaculation.

The climactic ponts of the action remain undescribed, usually because the abnormally sensitive male narrator has fainted or fled or become deathly sick. The narrative has more loose ends than a grass skirt. The creature made by Frankenstein out of decaying spare parts knows the function of clothes and finds some to fit his 8ft frame and pops them on before he vanishes from the laboratory at more than human speed. And so this can bring clarity. So those are seven of the most important reasons why I write everything down. How to capture your thoughts? At the moment I usually use Word or a pen and paper to think things through, TeuxDeux.

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I like your words, Henrik, about written goals. They are really very important as we can concentrate on them, and it becomes easier to achieve them. I do know that successful people always tend to keep a journal they write early in the morning, and then once again a night. That gives them a larger higher perspective on things, because we tend to not be able to come up with ideas and become clear of things unless we get a 3rd person view of it, like trying to navigate in a maze.

You will be able to find your out a lot faster by looking at the larger 3rd person view maze than in your 1st person perspective.

What’s included?

Ideas don't stay for long. So you need to capture them fast or they are gone in the wind. Written goals are very important. You may also find new insights that bring more clarity and focus to your goal and life. To remind yourself of what to focus on.

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Often we get caught up in our everyday business and lose track of what is most important. Unloading your mental RAM. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important reasons to write things down. And then when you try to remember that interpretation of an event later on it can change even more. So we need some kind of system outside of ourselves.

2. Keep a “To-Learn” List

Fine or awesome ideas can pop up at the strangest times but they tend to not stay for long in your head. One thing a lot of very successful self improvement writers — Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and so on — go on and on about is the importance of having written goals. A written goal brings clarity and focus.

It gives you a direction. And by rewriting your goals you not only reaffirm what your goals are. A written goal is also a powerful reminder that you can use to keep yourself on the right track when you feel stressed and may consider making hasty decisions. To keep yourself on track — instead of just keeping yourself busy with low-priority tasks — simply write down a reminder that can stop your thoughts when you see it and guide you back on track again.

It can for example be your current major goal like running a half-marathon next year, spending double the time each week with your kids or starting your own website or blog and getting a regular readers per month. If you want to solve a problem it can be helpful to write down your thoughts, facts and feelings about it.

Having it all written down gives you an overview and makes it easier to find new connections that can help you solve the problem. You can use a journal as a way to keep an overview of your thinking over a longer time span and to recognize both positives and negatives in your thinking and actions.


You may, for example, think of yourself as a healthy person but realize when you read through your journal that you have only been out running four times this month. Or perhaps you have an image of your life going pretty well but discover when reading through your notes for the last month that you are negative about your job or a relationship in almost every entry. By writing things down you can help yourself to spot trouble and get yourself back on track and keep yourself there within a larger timeframe.

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And so this can bring clarity. So those are seven of the most important reasons why I write everything down. How to capture your thoughts? At the moment I usually use Word or a pen and paper to think things through, TeuxDeux.